India Fund Fest

India Fund Fest 2017

As an Entrepreneur looking for early stage funding, are you fed-up with attending Startup events:

  • That resemble a street carnival with thousands of attendees including passer-by’s and the just curious
  • Where only visiting cards are exchanged and meaningless conversations clutter your mind space and you go home with a heap of brochures
  • Where hundreds of advertisers, sponsors and stalls are setup to sell you products and services while you are searching for funding
  • Where mind numbingly boring & theoretical lectures and speeches provide so called “mentoring”
  • Where there is a bias towards a particular investment philosophy or company

Help is finally at hand. Introducing India’s first serious start-up funding fest. No carnival, no sales people selling you stuff, no theory, no gyan, no biases – ONLY Funding...

Just the investors & YOU

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Our Team


Nalin Singh

Has experienced a varied life as a top global corporate executive as well as an entrepreneur and a film maker in a career of over 25 years. He is also the author of several books, the last of which, "Reboot to Reconquer: Navigating the Afternoon Of Life" was a bestseller in its category. He is a life coach and a business strategy mentor to CEO's, corporations, celebrities and entrepreneurs. His next book "Get Funded Now" deals with the brutal world of funding and guides Entrepreneurs on navigating the funding process successfully.


Dinesh Singh

With over twenty years of experience in data analytics and leadership positions in Human Resource departments of Fortune 50 companies, he stepped out into the world of entrepreneurship. He has seen the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and now guides companies in change management as well as entrepreneurs on execution of business plans.


Jaya Nair

Her corporate exposure spanning 30 years, especially as a HR professional has helped her to focus on the ‘Human behind the role’. It encouraged her to probe into the dynamics behind thought patterns, perceptions, fears and its influence on emotions, behaviour and performance. Jaya, through practical experience, has confirmed her strong belief that every individual has unique strengths and amazing capacities to endure, learn, and grow from life's many challenges. "She is a life coach and conducts transformational training sessions for groups."


Sunil Girdhar

Sunil Girdhar is a global leader who has more than thirty years of experience at the highest levels of Management. An engineer by profession he excels in managing large diverse workforces in the BPO and IT domains. He has successfully led startup companies in the HRO space as their Group Managing Director with global oversight, as well as worked in global P&L positions in companies. He excels in change management processes and project management of large contracts apart from mentoring leaders in P&L positions.


Rajiv Kumar

Rajiv, is an engineer with an MBA degree with nearly thirty years of management experience. He has worked with Tata Steel, Intel and Accenture in a variety of ERP related technical roles as well as in project management roles at the highest levels for mega deals. Having worked all over the world he has a keen appreciation and skill of working with diversified and distributed workforces. Over the past few years he has been working with entrepreneurs in helping them scale their operations and setup effective delivery mechanisms. He is an expert in coaching entrepreneurs on technical and operational aspects of the business and setting up their execution capability.

How It Works - For Entrepreneurs

How It Works - For Investors

Behind The Scenes

Rules & Eligibility

The purpose of the India Fund Fest 2017 is to identify the most fundable startups of 2017 in India to promote and reward high-growth, innovative ventures that have the potential to grow and thrive in India. The funding fest is for new, independent ventures in the pre-seed, seed, startup or early-growth stages, or for the expansion of an existing business into a new high-growth market. The complete focus is to showcase the top 50 most fundable startups to interested investors in an environment that enables meaningful interaction and positive and tangible results.

Natio Cultus Consultancy Pvt. Ltd And its brand requires each team to agree to the following terms and conditions. Disqualification and/or forfeiture of any prizes / exposure/ opportunities can result for team entries that fail to comply with these terms and conditions.

Generally excluded are the following: buy-outs, real estate syndications, tax shelters, franchises, licensing agreements, and spin-outs from existing corporations.

By agreeing to the rules and eligibility terms of the fund fest, applicants certify that the ideas and concepts outlined in the submissions to the India Fund Fest are the original work of the applicants. If intellectual property is involved, applicants must have obtained the legal rights to use and to the best of participants’ knowledge there are no legal impediments to launching the business/product.

While there is no restriction on the total size of each company team, participants may not join more than one team. All team members are expected to be active participants throughout all phases of the fund fest. Company team members may not be added after an applicant is accepted into the fund fest. Company team members refer primarily to founders, c-suite officers (CEO, CTO, CIO, etc) and employees.

Any external funding received by the startup team must be identified and reported in the application form. Ventures that have raised equity capital totalling $1 million or more from sources other than team members or their friends and families, or that have realized more than $3 million in sales in the 12 months immediately preceding the fund fest are not eligible.

Participants agree to waive all claims against the India fund fest 2017 organizers and Natio Cultus Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., any and all judges, reviewers, mentors, other sponsors, and/or participants in the startup fund fest for any actions that occur as part of, arise out of, or are in any way related to participation in this startup fund fest. Participants understand that no confidentiality of any information is provided and that protection of highly confidential trade secret information and other intellectual property is the responsibility of the fund fest applicants/participants. The India Fund Fest organizers and Natio Cultus Consultancy Pvt. Ltd will require fund fest judges, mentors, or reviewers in the fund fest to sign nondisclosure documents. All participants are urged to seek professional guidance on the type of information that should be included in their startup fund fest submissions. The India Fund Fest organizers and Natio Cultus Consultancy Pvt. Ltd and its officers assume no liability for release of confidential information to the investors, judges, mentors, or reviewers.

All submissions become the property of the India Fund Fest organizers and Natio Cultus Consultancy Pvt. Ltd and will not be returned to the teams. Participants are strongly advised to keep their own copies of all submitted materials.

Participants grant to the India Fund Fest organizers and Natio Cultus Consultancy Pvt. Ltd the right to make photographs, audio recordings, and/or video recordings of all program events or meetings, and further grant to the India Fund Fest organizers and Natio Cultus Consultancy Pvt. Ltd the unlimited right to publish, without compensation, participants’ and company names, submitted materials, photographs, audio recordings, and video recordings for educational, promotional, public relations, and advertising purposes so long as it does not infringe the participants intellectual property and the confidentiality clauses.

All decisions made by the judges on all matters relating to the India Fund Fest 2017 are final. The India Fund Fest organizers and Natio Cultus Consultancy Pvt. Ltd, at their discretion and without prior notice to the competitors, reserve the unrestricted right to interpret these rules, and to alter, amend, or change fund fest rules, conditions, or awards.

The Startup Fund fest consists of three phases (application, funding readiness check, finale). During each phase the judging panel will eliminate teams based on evaluation criteria and the judges’ judgement of which company(s) have the greatest chance of success. Critical factors to success include

1) A complete and achievable startup project funding request

2) Company potential for creating jobs

3) Company potential to attract investor funding.

The judging panel is comprised of five individuals representing the investment/angel community, entrepreneurs, and corporate stakeholders.

The same judging panel reviews all phases of the fund fest.

During any phase of the fund fest the judging panel may solicit additional information prior to making a decision.

Submission of all fund fest materials and distribution of judges’ feedback will be managed via your login details on our website, provided after payment of the “Funding Readiness Assessment Report” Fees.

The fund fest will follow a posted schedule. All posted deadlines will be strictly enforced. Each team admitted into the fund fest must have at least one team member participate in the finale.

Pitch requirements for each pitch presentation will be provided to participants once a company team is accepted into the startup fund fest. Pitches generally are expected to be around 5 minutes.

First pitch: Teams admitted into the fund fest after the initial screening and payment of the “Funding Readiness Assessment Report” Fees will make a live pitch presentation to the business and financial expert.

Teams with qualifying scores from the funding readiness stage will advance to the finale and are eligible to be funded. Advancing teams will receive an assessment report on their funding readiness with suggestions on how to fill gaps. There will also be suggestions on the company’s business plan to incorporate into their finale pitch and business plan submission.

There is no implied or other guarantee of funding to any of the participating Entrepreneurs or / and finalists in the Top 50, by India Fund Fest, Natio Cultus Consultancy Pvt. Ltd or any of the investors or participants in the India Fund Fest.

All participants must apply for the fund fest. There is no fee for the initial application. On receiving a confirmation on passing the initial screening process, participants must pay the INR 10,000 “Funding Readiness Assessment Report” Fee online through our website.

Applicants that are not accepted into the startup fund fest at the initial screening stage may submit an application to a future fund fest.

Startups interested in applying must complete the online application and provide the following supplemental materials.

Application Supplemental Materials: Submitted through your login on passing the initial screening and paying the “Funding Readiness Assessment Report” Fee:

1. Startup Project Budget

2. Business Model Canvas – One Page Summary

3. Pitch Video (3 minutes or less)

4. Pitch Slide Deck (15 slides max)

Submitted through your login on passing the initial screening and paying the “Funding Readiness Assessment Report” Fee:

Teams accepted into the fund fest will be required to submit a business plan formatted and organized according to the business plan template guidelines posted on their home page upon login.

Participants understand that top 50 most fundable startups 2017, will be required to provide the India Fund Fest organizers and Natio Cultus Consultancy Pvt. Ltd with documentation that verifies specific requirements prior to pitching in the finale

Prior to receipt of any funding, teams must provide documentation that the business has the legal right to use any and all intellectual property referenced in their business plan. If incorporated, the business must provide documentation specific and relevant to incorporation .


They get a remarkable opportunity to pitch at one go to top interested investors and receive spot feedback and funding. They will also be showcased on our website and receive exposure in press releases as well as have the right to use the honour in all their future pitch & promotion documents. A leading business television channel will carry the event as a program and the selected companies will be provided exposure in the program.

We expect nearly 3,000 startups to register for free and about one tenth of them to make it past our screening process and enter the funding readiness check stage. From these; subject to jury selection; we expect a top 50 most fundable startup list to be selected.

Each startup will be allocated 5 minutes to pitch followed by 5 minutes of Q&A from the investor audience.

The top 50 most fundable startups list for 2017 will be announce through a press release on 5th May 2017.

The optional video is to help the Application Review Committee (ARC) get a better understanding of the company. If your company is difficult to explain in a few slides, then the video may help, but will not necessarily increase the chances of being selected.

We encourage startups in any domain and at any stage to apply.

Once you are past the initial screening phase you will receive a pin and password to login to our website. A sample pitch deck, expectations, sample diligence report etc will be available for your review.

There are no restrictions on the amount of capital raised, we encourage everyone to apply.

Application Review Committee (ARC) will consist of representatives from VCs, incubators, angel investors, and more.

No, however, post the initial screening there is a documentation fee of INR 10,000 to cover the cost of the funding readiness report and to ensure we are only dealing with serious startups.

That once screened, companies will receive a unique “Funding Readiness Report” that is developed and delivered:

  • After a thorough review by business, industry and financial experts of the company’s submitted key documentation such as pitch, business plan and investment needs and objectives
  • Including an expert review with a one on one interview with the founders to include the finer nuances of their strategy, plans and idea
  • After feeding over a hundred collected data points into a proprietary algorithm driven tool to arrive at an overall funding readiness score as well as a funding readiness score across eleven key business areas. All scores are compared to a peer group to provide calibration of the company’s standing vis a vis its peers
  • Provides Investors an independent view of strengths, risks, potential and opportunity
  • Provides advise on areas to work upon for positioning the company for funding, to investors
  • Gives the Entrepreneur a clear direction on the strategy to adopt for funding

We expect close to 3000 applications out of which we expect 350-400 to qualify for the "Funding Readiness Report" stage.

Natio Cultus has been recognized as one of the top 25 Merger, Acquisition and Funding companies of India in September 2016. To date our consultants have supported more than 150+ startups to receive funding apart from mentoring and advising them on various aspects of business strategy and governance. Each one of our lead consultants has been an entrepreneur and have more than twenty years of business experience.

Natio Cultus and its consultants have raised funds from Rs 5 lacs to Rs 150 Crore. They have also led and first hand experienced deals of various sizes upto USD 1.5 billion.

We provide opportunity to companies under three categories; companies that are pre-revenue, companies that are pre-breakeven and companies that are already profitable. At the idea stage you can apply in the first category and have a fair chance among similar stage companies. Our Funding Readiness Report is also a qualitative assessment report on the opportunity and potential of the idea. Having a formal structure and mature business model is not a pre requisite or guarantee for a high fundability score. So go ahead and apply!

Almost all investor groups from India including VC's, Angel Investor's, Seed Funding Investors and High Net Worth Individuals apart from Key Investors from eight other countries including the US, UK, Singapore and Indonesia will be at the finale. The format of the fund fest is to ensure that you are pitched to the right set of investors. For example, you will pitch to investors who are interested in your venture; depending on the tenure of your business, business plan maturity, financial robustness, size of opportunity, size of investment required, industry segment, credibility of the founders and the funding readiness report score. Every fund does not invest or is interested in all kinds of companies. This value add of finding the right investor and investor interest is one of the foundations of successful funding.