Our Team


Nalin Singh

Nalin Singh leads a boutique strategy & financial consulting company that also specializes in coaching leaders and crafting business strategy. He has held several leadership positions in India, Asia, Europe and the US; in leading corporates of the world. He has experienced the high and lows of entrepreneurship first hand and believes that advisors should be forthright and direct in their inputs to leaders. He frequently speaks about the need for advisors and experts to demystify difficult situations and choices for leaders and not to mystify simple ones.

Dinesh Singh

With over twenty years of experience in data analytics and leadership positions in Human Resource departments of Fortune 50 companies, he stepped out into the world of entrepreneurship. He has seen the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and now guides companies in change management as well as entrepreneurs on execution of business plans.

Jaya Nair

Her corporate exposure spanning 30 years, especially as a HR professional has helped her to focus on the Human behind the role'. It encouraged her to probe into the dynamics behind thought patterns, perceptions, fears and its influence on emotions, behaviour and performance. Jaya, through practical experience, has confirmed her strong belief that every individual has unique strengths and amazing capacities to endure, learn, and grow from life's many challenges. "She is a life coach and conducts transformational training sessions for groups."

Sunil Girdhar

Sunil Girdhar is a global leader who has more than thirty years of experience at the highest levels of Management. An engineer by profession he excels in managing large diverse workforces in the BPO and IT domains. He has successfully led startup companies in the HRO space as their Group Managing Director with global oversight, as well as worked in global P&L positions in companies. He excels in change management processes and project management of large contracts apart from mentoring leaders in P&L positions.

Rajiv Kumar

Rajiv, is an engineer with an MBA degree with nearly thirty years of management experience. He has worked with Tata Steel, Intel and Accenture in a variety of ERP related technical roles as well as in project management roles at the highest levels for mega deals. Having worked all over the world he has a keen appreciation and skill of working with diversified and distributed workforces. Over the past few years he has been working with entrepreneurs in helping them scale their operations and setup effective delivery mechanisms. He is an expert in coaching entrepreneurs on technical and operational aspects of the business and setting up their execution capability.

Mehak Arora

Being a Human Resource professional for a couple of years in global IT services firms, she has the understanding of the corporate world. Coming from entrepreneurial family background & insights of how this world works, she has entered into this sphere. She brings with her the blend of skills that would be appropriately fit the line of entrepreneurship. She believes that the world needs the startup ecosystem to boom to keep pace with the dynamic environment & promote the modern thinkers to make this planet a better place to live in.