Rules & Eligibility

  • The purpose of the India Fund Fest 2019 is to identify the most fundable startups of 2019 in India to promote and reward high-growth, innovative ventures that have the potential to grow and thrive in India. The Fund Fest is for new, independent ventures in the pre-seed, seed, startup or early-growth stages or for the expansion of an existing business into a new high-growth market. The complete focus is to showcase the Most Fundable Startups to interested investors in an environment that enables meaningful interaction and positive and tangible results. Natio Cultus Consultancy Pvt. Ltd and its brand India Fund Fest requires each team to agree to the following terms and conditions. Disqualification and/or forfeiture of any prizes/exposure/opportunities can result for team entries that fail to comply with these terms and conditions.

  • Generally excluded are the following: buy-outs, real estate syndications, tax shelters, franchises, licensing agreements and spin-outs from existing corporations.

  • By agreeing to the rules and eligibility terms of the India Fund Fest, applicants certify that the ideas and concepts outlined in the submissions to the India Fund Fest are the original work of the applicants. If intellectual property is involved, applicants must have obtained the legal rights to use and to the best of participants’ knowledge there are no legal impediments to launching the business/product.

  • While there is no restriction on the total size of each company team, participants may not join more than one team. All team members are expected to be active participants throughout all phases of the Fund Fest. Company team members may not be added after an applicant is accepted into the Fund Fest. Company team members refer primarily to founders, c-suite officers (CEO, CTO, CIO, etc) and employees.

  • Participants agree to waive all claims against the India fund fest 2019 organizers and Natio Cultus Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., any and all judges, reviewers, mentors, other sponsors, and/or participants in the startup fund fest for any actions that occur as part of, arise out of, or are in any way related to participation in this startup fund fest. Participants understand that no confidentiality of any information is provided and that protection of highly confidential trade secret information and other intellectual property is the responsibility of the fund fest applicants/participants. The India Fund Fest organizers and Natio Cultus Consultancy Pvt. Ltd will require fund fest judges, mentors, or reviewers in the fund fest to sign nondisclosure documents. All participants are urged to seek professional guidance on the type of information that should be included in their startup fund fest submissions. The India Fund Fest organizers and Natio Cultus Consultancy Pvt. Ltd and its officers assume no liability for release of confidential information to the investors, judges, mentors, or reviewers. All submissions become the property of the India Fund Fest organizers and Natio Cultus Consultancy Pvt. Ltd and will not be returned to the teams. Participants are strongly advised to keep their own copies of all submitted materials. Participants grant to the India Fund Fest organizers and Natio Cultus Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. the right to make photographs, audio recordings, and/or video recordings of all program events or meetings, and further grant to the India Fund Fest organizers and Natio Cultus Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. the unlimited right to publish, without compensation, participants’ and company names, submitted materials, photographs, audio recordings, and video recordings for educational, promotional, public relations and advertising purposes so long as it does not infringe the participants intellectual property and the confidentiality clauses. All decisions made by the judges on all matters relating to the India Fund Fest 2019 are final. The India Fund Fest organizers and Natio Cultus Consultancy Pvt. Ltd, at their discretion and without prior notice to the competitors, reserve the unrestricted right to interpret these rules and to alter, amend or change fund fest rules, conditions or awards.

  • The Startup Fund Fest consists of three phases (application submission with payment for Funding Readiness Report, funding readiness check, finale). During each phase the judging panel will eliminate teams based on evaluation criteria and the judges’ judgement of which company(s) have the greatest chance of success. Critical factors to success include:
    1) A complete and achievable startup project funding request
    2) Company potential for creating jobs
    3) Company potential to attract investor funding.

  • The judging panel is comprised of individuals representing the investment/angel community, entrepreneurs, and corporate stakeholders. The same judging panel reviews all phases of the Fund Fest. During any phase of the Fund Fest the judging panel may solicit additional information prior to making a decision. Submission of all Fund Fest materials and distribution of judges’ feedback will be managed via your login details on our website provided, after payment of the “Funding Readiness Assessment Report” Fees. The Fund Fest will follow a posted schedule. All posted deadlines will be strictly enforced. Each team admitted into the Fund Fest must have at least one team member participate in the finale. Pitch requirements for each pitch presentation will be provided to participants once a company team is accepted into the startup Fund Fest. Pitches generally are expected to be around 5 minutes. First pitch: Teams admitted into the fund fest after payment of the “Funding Readiness Assessment Report” Fees will make a live pitch presentation to the business and financial expert. Teams with qualifying scores from the funding readiness stage will advance to the finale and are eligible to be funded. Advancing teams will receive an assessment report on their funding readiness with suggestions on how to fill gaps. There will also be suggestions on the company’s business plan to incorporate into their finale pitch and business plan submission. There is no implied or other guarantee of funding to any of the participating Entrepreneurs or/and finalists, by India Fund Fest, Natio Cultus Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. or any of the investors or participants in the India Fund Fest.

  • Participants understand that Top Most Fundable Startups 2019, will be required to provide the India Fund Fest organizers and Natio Cultus Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. with documentation that verifies specific requirements prior to pitching in the finale.

  • Prior to receipt of any funding, teams must provide documentation that the business has the legal right to use any and all intellectual property referenced in their business plan. If incorporated, the business must provide documentation specific and relevant to incorporation.