We encourage startups in any domain and at any stage to apply.

We provide opportunity to companies under three categories;

• Companies that are pre-revenue
• Companies that are pre-breakeven
• Companies that are already profitable.

At the idea stage, you can apply in the first category and have a fair chance among similar stage companies. Our Funding Readiness Report is also a qualitative assessment report on the opportunity and potential of the idea. Having a formal structure and mature business model is not a pre-requisite or guarantee for a high fundability score. So, go ahead and apply!

There are no restrictions on the amount of capital raised, we encourage everyone to apply.

No, however, there is a documentation fee of INR 12,000 early bird offer and INR 20,000 (regular) to cover the cost of the Funding Readiness Report and to ensure we are only dealing with serious startups. In the event that you are not in the list of Most Fundable Startup of 2018 for the finale, we will refund 50% of the fee paid within two weeks from the date of the jury announcement of the selected companies.

Early Bird offer of INR 12,000/- is available only for First 100 Registrations.

Application Review Committee (ARC) will consist of representatives from VCs, incubators, angel investors, industry experts and more.

Natio Cultus has been recognized as one of the top 25 Merger, Acquisition and Funding companies of India in September 2016. To date our consultants have supported more than 300+ startups to receive funding apart from mentoring and advising them on various aspects of business strategy and governance. Each one of our lead consultants has been an entrepreneur and has more than twenty years of business experience.

Natio Cultus and its consultants have raised funds from INR 5 lacs to Rs 150 Crore. They have also led and first hand experienced deals of various sizes upto USD 1.5 billion.

We expect nearly 1,000 startups to register and enter the funding readiness process stage. From these; subject to jury selection; we expect a top 50-60 most fundable startup list to be selected.

All companies that apply (post payment of the fee) will undergo the due diligence that will result in a unique “Funding Readiness Report”. This developed and delivered:

• After a thorough review by business, industry and financial experts of the company’s submitted key documentation such as pitch, business plan and investment needs and objectives
• Including an expert review with a one on one interview with the founders to include the finer nuances of their strategy, plans and idea
• After feeding over more than hundred collected data points into a proprietary algorithm driven tool to arrive at an overall funding readiness score as well as a funding readiness score across eleven key business areas. All scores are compared to a peer group to provide calibration of the company’s standing vis a vis its peers
• Provides Investors an independent view of strengths, risks, potential and opportunity
• Provides advise on areas to work upon for positioning the company for funding, to investors
• Gives the Entrepreneur a clear direction on the strategy to adopt for funding

This report has been adopted by leading banks and financial institutions and is invaluable to an entrepreneur as well as to an investor.

We expect close to 1000 applications for the "Funding Readiness Report" stage.

Once you have completed Registration and paid the Funding Readiness Report fees you will receive a pin and password to login to our website. A sample pitch deck, expectations, sample diligence report etc. will be available for your review.

The optional video is to help the Application Review Committee (ARC) get a better understanding of the company. If your company is difficult to explain in a few slides, then the video may help, but will not necessarily increase the chances of being selected.

The Most Fundable Startups list for 2018 will be announced through a press release on or before 9th February 2018.

Each startup will be allocated 3-5 minutes to pitch followed by 2-3 minutes of Q&A from the investor audience.

Almost all investor groups from India including VC's, Angel Investor's, Seed Funding Investors and High Net Worth Individuals apart from Key Investors from eight other countries including the US, UK, Singapore and Indonesia will be at the finale. The format of the Fund Fest is to ensure that you are pitched to the right set of investors. For example, you will pitch to investors who are interested in your venture; depending on the tenure of your business, business plan maturity, financial robustness, size of opportunity, size of investment required, industry segment, credibility of the founders and the funding readiness report score. Every fund does not invest or is interested in all kinds of companies. This value add of finding the right investor and investor interest is one of the foundations of successful funding.

They get a remarkable opportunity to pitch at one go to top interested investors and receive spot feedback and funding. They will also be showcased on our website and receive exposure in press releases as well as have the right to use the honour in all their future pitch & promotion documents. A leading online business television channel will carry the event as a program and the selected companies will be provided exposure in the program. Recordings of individual pitches will also be available.

I participated in the first Fund Fest. Can I apply again?

Subject to certain guidelines, yes. Please write to info@indiafundfest.com and we will get in touch with you to carry out a preliminary assessment.

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