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India Fund Fest 2018

After the resounding success of the first edition of India Fund Fest in May, 2017, we are back to offer you an opportunity to get funded efficiently and quickly.

The inaugural event had many sceptics who predicted failure as there was no carnival like atmosphere. How could a Startup event be conducted without speeches of sponsors, stalls to sell you products and services, crowds of unrelated people and the needless networking? 6,500+ entrepreneurs from across India and 17 other countries proved them all wrong.

If you are an Entrepreneur who has been looking for a platform where you can directly meet and interact with investors and get funded in a timely and effective manner, this is the platform you have been looking for. So, what are you waiting for?






From Countries



Most Fundable Startups

Whether you just have an idea or are an established business, this Fund Fest pitches you with similar group of companies to give you maximum exposure and opportunity for funding, in the minimum amount of time.

Our focus is on YOU & INVESTOR

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Our Team


Nalin Singh

Has experienced a diverse life as a top global corporate executive as well as an entrepreneur and a film maker in a career of over 25 years. He is also the author of several books, "Reboot to Reconquer: Navigating the Afternoon Of Life" was a bestseller in its category in 2015. He is a life coach and a business strategy mentor to CEO's, corporations, celebrities and entrepreneurs. His latest book "Get Funded Now" deals with the brutal world of funding and guides Entrepreneurs on navigating the funding process successfully.

Dinesh Singh

With over twenty years of experience in data analytics and leadership positions in Human Resource departments of Fortune 50 companies, he stepped out into the world of entrepreneurship. He has seen the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and now guides companies in change management as well as entrepreneurs on execution of business plans.

Jaya Nair

Her corporate exposure spanning 30 years, especially as a HR professional has helped her to focus on the Human behind the role'. It encouraged her to probe into the dynamics behind thought patterns, perceptions, fears and its influence on emotions, behaviour and performance. Jaya, through practical experience, has confirmed her strong belief that every individual has unique strengths and amazing capacities to endure, learn, and grow from life's many challenges. "She is a life coach and conducts transformational training sessions for groups."

Sunil Girdhar

Sunil Girdhar is a global leader who has more than thirty years of experience at the highest levels of Management. An engineer by profession he excels in managing large diverse workforces in the BPO and IT domains. He has successfully led startup companies in the HRO space as their Group Managing Director with global oversight, as well as worked in global P&L positions in companies. He excels in change management processes and project management of large contracts apart from mentoring leaders in P&L positions.

Rajiv Kumar

Rajiv, is an engineer with an MBA degree with nearly thirty years of management experience. He has worked with Tata Steel, Intel and Accenture in a variety of ERP related technical roles as well as in project management roles at the highest levels for mega deals. Having worked all over the world he has a keen appreciation and skill of working with diversified and distributed workforces. Over the past few years he has been working with entrepreneurs in helping them scale their operations and setup effective delivery mechanisms. He is an expert in coaching entrepreneurs on technical and operational aspects of the business and setting up their execution capability.

Mehak Arora

Being a Human Resource professional for a couple of years in global IT services firms, she has the understanding of the corporate world. Coming from entrepreneurial family background & insights of how this world works, she has entered into this sphere. She brings with her the blend of skills that would be appropriately fit the line of entrepreneurship. She believes that the world needs the startup ecosystem to boom to keep pace with the dynamic environment & promote the modern thinkers to make this planet a better place to live in.

Jury Members

Avinash Vashistha
Avinash Vashistha
Jury Member Bengaluru
Avinash Vashistha
Jury Member Bengaluru
Leo Fernandez
Leo Fernandez
Jury Member Hyderabad
Leo Fernandez
Jury Member Hyderabad
Member Photo
Stanley Jeremiah
Jury Member London
Stanley Jeremiah
Jury Member London
Member Photo
Sachin Gopalan
Jury Member Jakarta
Sachin Gopalan
Jury Member Jakarta
Shoeb Z Kagda
Shoeb Z Kagda
Jury Member Jakarta
Shoeb Z Kagda
Jury Member Jakarta
Member Photo
K.S. Viswanathan
Jury Member Bengaluru
K.S. Viswanathan
Jury Member Bengaluru

How It Works - For Entrepreneurs

  •  Apply and Pay for the Unique Funding Readiness Report(FRR)
  •  Receive the login details to upload all your investor collateral
  •  Meet with our Industry & Financial Experts for Due Diligence (FRR)
  •  Receive Funding Readiness Report (FRR) for your company
  •  Funding Readiness Reports lets you know the status of Funding Readiness of your company.

  •  Selection of Most Fundable Startup of 2018 by Jury based on basic fundability readiness and FRR scores
  •  Jury to release the selected list of Most Fundable Startups for 2018
  •  In case, you are not selected by Jury for the Finale, we will refund 50% of the fee paid.
  •  Selected Most Fundable Startups of 2018 to be coached prior to Finale

  •  Pitch to matched investors in finale on 16th Feb 2018
  •  Could get spot funded and Exposure nationwide
  •  3 Companies from the Most Fundable Startups list will get direct entry to the final round of interview of Zone Startups India Accelerator program.
  •  Continued support for ninety days (90 days) post event
  •  Pitch of all applicants to shared with the Investors post Finale

Funding Readiness Report

The Funding Readiness Report has been prepared by business, industry and financial experts relying on the various documentary submissions of the company. These include their investment pitch, promotional videos, marketing material, business plans, strategic plans and other documents.
One on One meetings with the Founders will be conducted to get clarity on the state of the business, to accurately assess the business opportunity, to provide investors with a fair sense of investability of the business venture.

How It Works - For Investors

Register & Review

  •  Opportunity to Participate in India's First Serious Funding Fest
  •  Get Showcased in all our promotional activities
  •  Due diligence on the business, market, competitive landscape and founding members to mitigate against risk
  •  Access to snapshot of Funding Readiness Reports prepared by Industry & Financial Experts

Engage and Invest

  •  Vetted, verified list of Most Fundable Startups report prior to Finale
  •  No distractions of speeches, sponsors, sellers, public and the just curious
  •  With the help of Due diligence process, showcasing Highly Vetted Startups
  •  Receive the Pitch of all the Pre-screened Registered Startups Pitch after the Finale




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