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Reviews on FB :

  • Let a thousand start up bloom. Starting up is the sleeve up the ace India has in pursuing it's 9% growth dreams. Events such as these are not just an education for start ups, they provide the platform to rub shoulders with other start ups as well. Congratulations to Dinesh, Nalin and others in the IndiaFundFest team. You are in the process of making a nursery for start ups. God speed toYou. : by Kiranjeet Kaur


  • It was a great experience and truly honored by presenting the idea in front of eminent guests. There are so many key take aways but the one which I liked the most was said by Mr. Nalin Singh "Money is just a by product which will automatically come all the startups should follow their passion and rest will follow automatically". Truly an amazing experience. Thanks a lot for giving this opportunity & helping the entrepreneurs to prepare in a better way. : by Gaurav Banerjee


  • Ready to fly above the thundering clouds .They need the wind under their wings to take them on a spiral.. They have dreams making them work hard , now all they need is their piece of sun shine. : by Nalini Ibajaj


  • Wonderful and Unique concept.Team of India Fund fest is putting lot of efforts. : by Dhumil Javeri


  • IFF 2017 was a great opportunity to learn, interact and connect with Startups and Investors. With its "serious funding" concept and the "Funding Readiness" report, IFF has clearly set the benchmark for future Startup events. : by Vikram Pitter


  • Many Thanks Team India Fund Fest for giving me this opportunity. It was great learning for me and i have never participated in any events like this till date, It's a unique concept and really helping startups in getting equal opportunity and showcasing themselves. I had an awesome time listening all mentors at the events, much appreciated ! Special thanks to Mr Nilin Singh, Mr Dinesh Singh, Miss Jaya Nayar .. God Bless you all. : by Manaswi Singh


Emails Received:

  • Hello,We thank the entire organising committee for the wonderful platform and reaching out to us.We will surely reach out to  below contact to pursue the process further.Please let us know in case you need more details. : by Mr. Dhumil Javeri


  • On behalf of Team Akanksha, I'd like to Thank you for organizing IFF and giving us the opportunity to learn, interact and connect with the Startup and Investor communities. We know the humongous effort involved in putting together a national event of this magnitude, and despite the planning and coordination effort involved, you not just pulled off one helluva weekend, but also welcomed every delegate with a smile. Kudos! The entire day was truly enjoyable, with contagious momentum and excitement. Besides bringing back tremendous learning from other startup pitches, we made new connections and even transacted some business. Being in the company of fellow entrepreneurs, who were welcoming and anxious to nurture new friendships, was an experience we’ll cherish. Many thanks to Mr. Dinesh Singh and Ms. Jaya Nair for their support and guidance on our pitch. Big Thank you to Pradeepa for all the facilitation and help with the documents and collateral uploads. With IFF, you've set the bar for future Startup Funding events. Great job done. We had an awesome time. : Praveen Advani


  • Thank you Jaya , i appreciate the passion with which you guys are mentoring entreprenuers with finest detail. Wonderful Job : by Mr. Murali


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Comment : Thank you so much India Fund Fest. Congratulations to all winners and Good luck!! : by Ghar Se Naukri


Post : India Fund Fest has a great team Nalin Singh @Jaya Nair @Sunil Girdhar & others. They are doing some terrific work in helping, provide the start-up universe with a dynamic growth ecosystem. : by Faisal Nayaab